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PHOTO: Gathering at the rally in front of the Human Services Building

PHOTO: People at the rally in downtown Denver

PHOTO: Anita Cameron of ADAPT addresses the crowd

PHOTO: Barry Rosenburg speaks at the rally

PHOTO: People attending the meeting with HCPF

PHOTO: Julie Reiskin on the left and Karen Reinertsom

PHOTO: The crowd listening to the HCPF meeting

PHOTO: Reed Reynolds of HCPF

PHOTO: Babs Johnson, organizer for ADAPT

The Vigil Starts Here

ADAPT camps out in downtown Denver to ensure HCPF promises

PHOTO: Mike McCarty

Mike McCarty - spent seven years in a nursing home

(DENVER July 5, 2002) Colorado ADAPT began a vigil today outside the state Human Services Building in order to ensure the promises made by the state Health Care Policy Finance (HCPF) committee concerning cuts in Medicaid.

“We are enforcement,” said Anita Cameron to ADAPT advocates outside the office building in downtown Denver, “we are going to be here, ADAPT is staying downtown to put pressure on HCPF.”

Advocates are angry that the extent of cuts were determined in a closed meeting of HCPF, and rallied at noon for “no cuts, no caps, and no changes.” About 170 people from Home Health Agencies and disability rights organizations attended the rally including Rolllie Heath a candidate for Colorado Governor.

The watchful vigil started following a meeting at the Human Services Building with the Medicaid Director Karen Reinertson. The Director made clear to people at the meeting that a five percent cut to Home Health Agencies was in effect and that Colorado would freeze enrolment in the state Home and Community Based Waiver program.

“You are all scared about the cuts,” said Reinertson, “I am scared too. The whole program is at risk. We have no agenda here that any of you go into an institution.”

If Colorado freezes access to home and community based services, the state may be unable to keep moving inappropriately institutionalized individuals from nursing homes in violation of Olmstead.
PHOTO: Anita Cameron announces the ADAPT vigil

Anita Cameron announces the beginning of the ADAPT vigil

In the meeting with Director Reinertson, Reed Reynolds described a priority list that would keep the goals of Olmstead while limiting enrollment in the waiver program. Reynolds said that current nursing home residents would have “expedited admission” into the program; but, told participants in the meeting that the list of priorities was not complete and did not currently include young adults in transition and people at risk of being placed in a nursing home.

Reynolds said that his general numbers showed that each month 400 individuals leave the program while approximately 450 join. That would be adding about 50 names to a waiting list for services each month while the priority system would have ample room to guarantee Olmstead eligible individuals have access to Home and Community Based waivers.

Director Reinertson agreed to continue talking with interested parties next week about the relevant issues raised at the meeting and workable language for Senate Bill 27 that calls for a personal care option to state waivers. 

HCPF will also be talking with individual agencies affected by the Medicaid cuts. Reinertson said in the meeting that small pharmacies were given an exemption to the cuts and small Home Health providers may be eligible for a similar exception. 

“I hope for a deal like the small pharmacies,” said Carol Bouchard, the Director of Accent on Independence, a small provider, “I have to remain positive.”

The vigil intends to make sure HCPF will not endanger the states compliance with the Olmstead decision, keep promises HCPF has made and to support advocates who will continue to meet with HCPF officers.

- Tim Wheat



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ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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