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PHOTO: Morning with sleeping bags on the sidewalk

PHOTO: The Cunningham family share a sleeping bag

PHOTO: Advocates give flowers to the state employees

PHOTO: Gil enjoys a home-cooked meal

PHOTO: Plenty of food for the demonstraitors

PHOTO: Dinner in the sidewalk city

PHOTO: Judy Neal of DCIL

ADAPT Vigil Day Seven

One week, weakening the state

PHOTO: Advocates give flowers to state employees on Day 7

Advocates give flowers to state employees on Day 7

(DENVER July 11, 2002) ADAPT vigil day seven dawned clear and warm, the rain and violent hailstorm from the pervious night had not dampened the advocates spirit. 

“The inner doorway was filled with people watching us sing in the rain,” said Dawn Russell about the state employees that watched the ADAPT advocates enjoy the vigil in the downpour.

Day seven was filled with discussions on differentials. The idea to pay a higher rate for attendant services performed before 8 am and after 4 pm has been called differentials. They have the advantage of rewarding those agencies that are serious about meeting consumer’s real-world needs. While differentials are a good idea to help direct Medicaid reimbursements, they could be introduced without a cut of the current home-health funds.

“The differential would be only 2 ˝ percent not zero cuts. I wouldn’t accept the differentials,” said Tim Thornton of the Atlantis Community. “I think we are getting somewhere however with [Karen Reinertson] coming out and saying no caps and a 2 ˝ cut with differentials.”

ADAPT members came up with a chant during all the discussions of the differentials: “We won’t go till the cuts get a no.”

Tomorrow at 9 am there will be a public hearing on the cuts made by HCPF at the Jefferson County Government Building. Some advocates will be at the public hearing but many will keep the vigil downtown at the Human Services Building.

“It makes no sense,” said Tim Thornton, “to hold the hearings after the cuts have been made.”

- Tim Wheat



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ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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