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ADAPT Action Report: Photos, eyewitness reports, news and commentary from the Colorado ADAPT action against HCPF 

ADAPT Vigil Day Ten

As Long As It Takes

By Judy Neal

Editor's Note: The usual ADAPT Action Report photographer is in Boise Idaho for the NGA Action. This report is being filed by Judy Neal without photos. 



(DENVER July 14, 2002) ADAPT advocates settled in today for their second weekend in a Medicaid Cuts Stand Off. The July 12 public hearing produced a lot of discussion, but no results. 

"I think it's going our way," said Carol Bouchard of AOI Home Health. "We may not get all the cuts stopped, but it will be okay." 

"No cuts, no caps, no changes," Anita Cameron chimed in. 

ADAPT and the Home Health Agencies share some common goals, but ADAPT is demanding no cuts to attendant services. 

"If there must be cuts," said Tisha Cunningham, "they should be in non-essential, high profit areas," . 

Tiring of Karen Reinertson's condescending and patronizing attitude, ADAPT decided today to reintroduce their demands on Monday and ask for a written response as well as a meeting with ADAPT. 

"She only talks to the Directors," said Dawn Russell about the HCPF Director Reinertson. "She needs to talk directly to us. We're the ones this is really about. We're not asking for something special, we just know the best way to spend the money" 

Passers-by have asked questions, offered support, and even come back by with food donations. On Friday, July 12th Senate Majority Leader Bill Thiebout stopped by to offer his support and tell ADAPT about the lawsuit he has filed against Governor Bill Owens over the state budget cuts. According to Theibaut, the cuts were made without legislative approval. 

“People are finding out about us," said Anita Cameron. " I went home for a shower and when I was getting back on the bus, a person waiting in line said, 'Let her on first. She's one of those protesters. She needs to get back to work.'" 

"Bills have to be paid," said Tisha Cunningham who is the Client Financial Services Coordinator who may bring in her desk, checkbooks, and calculator on Monday. "That's my job." 

Others joined in with plans to keep their "day jobs" going without giving up their ground. "Karen Reinertson has the power to end this on her own," an advocate said, "but I don't think she'll do anything until the next board meeting, or until she figures out how to save face." 

Many of the ADAPT advocates have canceled plans over the last nine days. Although many of them wanted to be in Boise, Idaho to participate in the Action there, they felt that they needed to keep the pressure on here in Denver. 

"We're with the Boise group in spirit," said Julie Redenbaugh-Aird. 

"We hope they kick some NGA ass," added LaTonya Reeves. 

"How long are you willing to stay?" I asked. 

"As long as it takes," the group replied in unison. 

- Judy Neal



TEXT GRAPHIC: ADAPT Action Report H C P F 2002 Denver Colorado


ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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