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Tuesday, June 20 : Gore will meet with ADAPT before the Democratic Convention

Monday, June 19: "Two hits, two wins"

Sunday, June 18: ADAPT rally and march to the White House

Saturday, June 17: ADAPT in Washington DC

Saturday, June 16: Memphis ADAPT prepares for the Capitol

News Release: ADAPT Activists Storm White House

News Release: Disability Activists Score Victories with HUD and AMA


News Release: The Faces and Voices of Institutionalization

Faces of people at the ADAPT Action: Quotes from the Action

Faces of people at the ADAPT Action: Jason Perkins

Faces of people at the ADAPT Action: Christine Woodall

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PHOTO:  Joaquin Martinez PHOTO: Crosby King PHOTO: Danny Saenz PHOTO:  Dawn Russell PHOTO: ADAPT on the METRO to the action PHOTO: Amy Cichocki PHOTO: Michelle Steger PHOTO: ADAPT moving out to the day's target, the DC Mayor's office PHOTO: ADAPT heading to see the DC Mayor PHOTO: Gordy Haug PHOTO: The front entrance to the DC Mayor's office PHOTO: Negotiation with the Mayor's Cheif of Staff, Abdusalam Omer PHOTO: Jorge Pineda, Capitol Area ADAPT PHOTO: Bobby Coward signs an agreement to see the Mayor PHOTO:  Sandy and Mark PHOTO: The Mayor's engaging staff PHOTO: Ivan Walks, Director of the Department of Health PHOTO:  Anthony Williams, Mayor PHOTO: Mayor Williams PHOTO: Bobby and Linda negotiate PHOTO: Marjorie Rifkin of Capitol Area ADAPT PHOTO: Anita Cameron PHOTO: Nan Hildebrand PHOTO: Carolyn Graham, Deputy Mayor PHOTO: Capitol Area ADAPT celebrates with ADAPT outside the Mayor's office PHOTO: Waiting for buses at the Supreme Court to head back PHOTO: Tim Wheat and Dave Larson PHOTO: ADAPT on the buses back to the big meeting PHOTO: Michelle and Jason PHOTO: Gayle Hafner PHOTO:Toby Tyler PHOTO: ADAPT party

ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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TEXT GRAPHIC: Bobby Approved Section 508

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