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ADAPT marches past the US Capitol.

Yoshiko Dart

New ADAPT activist on the march.

Jeff Fox marches past the Capitol

Anita and Dawn

Mo marches past the Capitol.

The march passes the Capitol

Security at the Marriott is overwhelmed.

ADAPT packs the street in front of the JW Marriott

Anita Cameron

ADAPT waits in the middle of the street.

Rendell speaks to ADAPT

Rendell holds up the ADAPT resolution.

Security is mystified.

ADAPT Delivers the Resolution to the NGA

Rendell states that the Resolution would not have been introduced without ADAPT.

Ray Scheppach and Matt Salo(WASHINGTON DC, Feb. 27, 2005) From Seattle Washington to Washington DC, ADAPT has pursued just Medicaid reform and a strong long-term care Resolution from the National Governors Association (NGA). Today, in front of the J. W. Marriott Hotel in downtown Washington DC, Ray Scheppach the Executive Director of the NGA met with ADAPT concerning the language in an alternative resolution produced by the NGA Health and Human Services Committee.

ADAPT is demanding that the NGA address the genuine issues embraced in the original ADAPT Resolution. Scheppach agreed to present stronger language to the NGA Health and Human Services Committee and notify ADAPT about changes before 9:00 am tomorrow (Monday, February 28, 2005). The NGA Health and Human Services Committee, which is co-chaired by Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, has watered down the original resolution. Mississippi is objectively the worst state in the nation for community services according to federal statistics.

The Honorable Edward Rendell introduced the Resolution after ADAPT shut down the streets surrounding the NGA conference in Seattle this past July. Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania, made an appearance on the street, speaking to the crowd through a bullhorn. 

ADAPT marches past the Capitol to the NGA.“I want to commend you for your activism,” said Rendell to ADAPT. “I wouldn’t have been so involved with this issue if you hadn’t been in Seattle.”

ADAPT is in the nation’s capitol this week to ensure that the NGA does not water-down the resolution and to support national Medicaid reform. MiCASSA was introduced in Congress, both House (HR 910) and the Senate (S 401), this past week and is legislation that will end the institutional bias in the Medicaid.

“The resolution is all about family values. It keeps families together, let’s people stay at home where they want to be, and it’s the moral thing to do,” said Mike Eakin, an ADAPT Organizer from Pennsylvania who uses a ventilator. “We want the NGA to amend the watered down resolution to its original state and pass it. It’s cost effective, an efficient use of public dollars, and most importantly, it’s simply the right thing to do.”

The NGA resolution will focus Medicaid Reform for long-term services and supports on home and community based services not expensive and undesirable institutional services. Additionally, as pointed out by the Director of Medicaid just hours earlier, it will save the states money. 

“If they dealt with disability, the NGA would fight harder for Civil Rights and rights for people with disabilities,” said Raymond Fletcher the Regional Director of Indiana Democrats for Accessibility.

“The NGA has a lot to learn,” added Steve Edwards from Indiana, “they have to keep their word.”

- Tim Wheat


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