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February 15, 2005
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ADAPT to Governors on Valentine’s Day:  
Have a Heart!  Pass the Resolution

(Washington, D.C.) In anticipation of the National Governors Association (NGA) winter meeting in Washington, D.C., February 26-March 1, ADAPT members across the country called on their governors on Valentine's Day to “have a heart” and pass the Medicaid reform resolution when it comes to the floor at that meeting. 

“In fact, we’re also asking the entire NGA to “Have a Heart” and restore the original intent of the resolution, which has been watered down by the NGA Health and Human Services Committee,” said Bob Kafka, National ADAPT Organizer. “Governor Rendell’s (PA) original submission to the NGA was much stronger, and contained real protections for disabled and older Americans.”

The original resolution calls for reform of the institutionally biased national long term care system, and implementation of a “community first” policy. It further states that “No person with a disability or older American should be forced into a nursing home or other institution because of the lack of integrated home and community options” and mandates that reform be a cooperative effort among disability and aging groups and the federal government.

ADAPT will be in D.C. concurrently with the NGA to fight for passage of the original version of the resolution. The introduction of the resolution was won after ADAPT protested against institutional bias in long term care at the NGA annual meeting in Seattle in July 2004. Governor Rendell volunteered to lead the effort for formal NGA support of the ADAPT resolution, which additionally reflects some of the long term care strategies already adopted by states and reported in the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual Olmstead reports. 

“The Governors are an instrumental group in securing an end to the Medicaid institutional bias and assuring that people with disabilities and seniors have the choice to stay in their own homes instead of being forced into nursing homes,” said Shona Eakin, ADAPT Organizer from Pennsylvania . “Their influence with the administration is obvious from the President’s budget released this week. The governors lobbied strenuously against capping Medicaid, and guess what…no caps appeared in the budget. Obviously, we need their support on home and community based services, too.”

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54 million Americans have some level of disability, 26 million people have a severe disability. [Current Population Reports. U.S. Department of Commerce - Census Bureau. Aug. 1997 p. 70-61]

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