For Immediate Release



ADAPT Action Press Package:

For Immediate Release:

3/2/05 - NGA Passes Medicaid Reform Resolution with ADAPT Principles, but Without Olmstead.

2/27/05 - Media Advisory: ADAPT Goes to NGA Hotel with Medicaid Reform Resolution.

2/26/05 - Media Advisory: Medicaid Reform, Oscar, Eastwood and the Fight to Stay Alive.

2/24/05 - ADAPT Scores Meeting with CMS Director to Discuss Medicaid Reform.

2/21/05 - Medicaid Reform; Senators Harkin, Specter and 10 Co-Sponsors Reintroduce MiCASSA, S.401.

2/15/05 - ADAPT to Governors on Valentine’s Day: Have a Heart! Pass the Resolution.

  • RESOLUTION: Commitment To Community-based Long Term Care Services and Support. [html] [pdf]
  • Interview with Bob Kafka: [bobkfromdc.mp3]14 minute, MP3 audio file (1.85 MB) .
  • ADAPT's Ten Worst States. [html] [pdf]
  • End the Institutional Bias: No More Stolen Lives! By Bruce Darling. [html] [pdf]
  • MiCASSA Summary. [html] [pdf]
  • MiCASSA Talking Points. [html] [pdf]
  • MiCASSA Questions and Answers. [html] [pdf]

54 million Americans have some level of disability, 26 million people have a severe disability. [Current Population Reports. U.S. Department of Commerce - Census Bureau. Aug. 1997 p. 70-61]

Summary of MiCASSA

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