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TEXT: ADAPT Action Report Washington DC 2002 ADAPT logo: universal access symbol breaking a chair overhead; text: FREE OUR PEOPLE!
People at the ADAPT Action
PHOTO: Barbara Toomer of Utah ADAPT Barbara Toomer: ADAPT is asking Laura and Barbara Bush to encourage President Bush's support of MiCASSA as part of his New Freedom Initiative. MiCASSA would give the 'Gift of Freedom' to America's mothers this Mother's Day by helping to reform the nation's long-term care system.
Linda Anthony: Liberty must be everywhere or it is nowhere. This is about the three-quarters of women being in nursing homes and three-quarters of caregivers that are women. PHOTO: Linda Anthony
PHOTO: Cassie James Cassie James: A nursing home is not a nice way to treat your mother. What the hell is wrong with our society that we throw people away like that?
Marva Ways: Every Motherís Day, Iím reminded that Iím another year older and not as able to do for myself. I donít want to be another grandmother who falls victim to this throw-away society of ours. We deserve better than that. That is why I will be right up front when ADAPT delivers its Motherís Day wish to Laura and Barbara Bush, asking for their support of MiCASSA, the ĎGift of Freedom,í for all American women. PHOTO: Marva Ways
PHOTO: Bartbara Bounds Barbara Bounds: If we donít get MiCASSA passed, I hope I donít live to be put in a nursing home.Ē


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ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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