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TEXT: ADAPT Action Report Washington DC 2002 ADAPT logo: universal access symbol breaking a chair overhead; text: FREE OUR PEOPLE!
People at the  ADAPTAction
PHOTO: Kenneth Bastian from Rodchester NY

Kenneth Bastian from Rodchester New York

First National Action

Freddy Gonzales PHOTO: Freddy Gonzales
PHOTO: Evan Petros from Detroit

Evan Petros from Detroit

First National Action

Zin Garcia


PHOTO: Zin Garcia
PHOTO: Diane Coleman

Diane Coleman


Bob Williams

Baltimore Maryland

PHOTO: Bob Williams
PHOTO: Bill Lytle Bill Lytle

Nadina LaSpina

New York City

PHOTO: Nadina LaSpina
PHOTO: Jackie Berry

Jackie Berry

First National Action

Jimi PHOTO: Jimi


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ADAPT in Seattle, July 2004 and the skyline of the city.

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TEXT GRAPHIC: Bobby Approved Section 508

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