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TEXT: ADAPT Action Report Washington DC 2002 ADAPT logo: universal access symbol breaking a chair overhead; text: FREE OUR PEOPLE!
Congress Rallies for MiCASSA
Nationwide audience hears from sponsors 

May 15, 2002

PHOTO: Justin Dart

Justin Dart

"Our Lincoln" - Sen. Tom Harkin

Senator Tom Harkin

"We are on the move. But, don't give up; keep the pressure on, don't take 'no' for an answer. Don't take 'maybe' for an answer ... Only take 'yes I will sign onto this bill,' as an answer."

PHOTO: Senator Tom Harkin
PHOTO: Senator Arlen Specter

Senator Arlen Specter

"You are being heard."

Rep. John Shimkus

"We are trying to move this bill."

PHOTO: Rep. John Shimkus
PHOTO: Marie Anderson

Marie Anderson

"Everyone called the nursing home 'Hell-care.'"

Jim Ward

"We must look out for the Health Care Industrial Complex."

PHOTO: Jim Ward
PHOTO: Marcie Roth

Marcie Roth

"I have had enough. I am not willing to wait any longer."

Andy Imparato

"There is no more important piece of legislation than MiCASSA."

PHOTO: Andy Imperato
PHOTO: The crowd in the Caucus Room

The Caucus Room at the Russell Building 

The Caucus Room was the scene of the 1954 Army-McCarthy dispute, the 1973 Watergate break-in hearings and Sen. Specter pointed out that Senator John F. Kennedy announced his bid for President in the Caucus Room.


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