TEXT GRAPHIC: March for Accessibility written in Sweedish

Marschen för tillgänglighet
c/o Filipsson
Seminariegatan 9
S-752 28 Uppsala

Dear ADAPT and Free Our People March co-workers,

"Marschen för tillgänglighet" is Swedish and translates The March for Accessibility. It is an event aimed at enacting an anti-discrimination law into Swedish legislation, outlawing inaccessibility in general, and to protect already enacted disability rights laws (i.e. "LSS", a law which besides other things grants money for people with disabilities to hire attendant cares). It will be held August 16th in Stockholm, Sweden. While Sweden does recognize the need for attendants for people with disabilities, inaccessibility remains a serious issue in contemporary Swedish society.

So far, more than thirty organizations and companies on Swedish national level support our event, representing over 250 000 members out of Sweden's population of 9 million.

The initiation of our event has been directly influenced by ADAPT's Free Our People March; an event aimed at enacting the MiCASSA, an equivalent of the Swedish laws granting people with disabilities the right to attendant cares. On the contrary to Sweden, the US does not lack an anti-discrimination law by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Both countries obviously can learn from the other's legislation.

We believe ADAPT's and our struggles are but two sides of the same coin. Our struggle is one. We wish for the success of your efforts and the organizing committee for Marschen för tillgänglighet (The March for Accessibility) would hereby like to express our full support of the Free our People March.


The organizing committee for Marschen för tillgänglighet

Hans Filipsson


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