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STOLEN LIVES: Real People, Real Voices, Real Choices!

ADAPT and other disability rights activists will be gathering in Washington DC Saturday, May 10th through Thursday May 15th.

PHOTO: ADAPT member Dawn Russell wearing a T-shirt saying PISS ON PITY

ADAPT activists take to the streets

Across the nation, ADAPT is collecting the pictures and stories of people who have been unnecessarily institutionalized in nursing homes and other institutions to put a human face on the need for the reform the institutionally biased long term care system [Examples of STOLEN LIVES]. We want people from every state in the country to be represented!

ADAPT will be making a "human collage" of these stories and photos. We will take the collage to Washington DC and demand a formal apology from President Bush and the leadership of Congress for the policies that resulted in a portion of these people's lives to be stolen. ADAPT will also be calling for the President and Congress to support passage of MiCASSA.

Following the ADAPT action in May, the next phase of the STOLEN LIVES Campaign will be a March from the Liberty Bell to Capitol Hill, 14 days from Philadelphia, 144 miles to Washington DC. September 4th through 17th - ADAPT's Free Our People March.

Join us in May and again in September!

- The ADAPT Community

See some examples of STOLEN LIVES . . .



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