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ARIZONA - THE NAVAJO NATION September 1 - 5, 2002
The thumbnails below are linked to 640 x 480 resolution photos: 

PHOTO: Tim crossing into Arizona

Tim crossing into Arizona

The road into Monument Valley, distant buttes and spires at the end of the long road Some spires in Monument Valley, one shaded two in the sunlight Tim at Monument Valley, with the mitten butte in the background The Mitten Butte, a huge butte shaped like a glove
The road into Monument Valley Some spires in Monument Valley Tim at Monument Valley The Mitten Butte

PHOTO: Tim crossing into The Navajo Nation

Tim Crossing into the Navajo Nation

The red sand desert, wind blown sand with few plants Chaistla Butte, a huge rock formation A bullfight along the highway, a rider on a bucking bull Tim's campsite in the desert, remote and wide open
The red sand desert Chaistla Butte A bullfight along the highway Tim's campsite in the desert


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-Tim Wheat

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