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Daily Coverage of the Sit-in at Governor Bredesen's Office.

Commitment To Save TennCare and End the Institutional Bias in Tennessee.

Week  Day
Week Nine August 15, DAY FIFTY-SEVEN: Bredespin: Saving TennCare.


Week Eight

Bredesen as KingAugust 14, DAY FIFTY-SIX: Why Direct Action?

August 13, DAY FIFTY-FIVE: TennCare Capitol Sit-In Over 50 Days and Going Strong.

August 12, DAY FIFTY-FOUR: Take Back Your State!

August 11, DAY FIFTY-THREE: Who lives in nursing homes?

August 10, DAY FIFTY-TWO: Money Follows the Person.

August 9, DAY FIFTY-ONE: We Want Freedom, We Want Choices!

August 8, DAY FIFTY: Legislators Call for a Special Session on TennCare.


Week Seven

Puzzle superimposed over Mike LeavittAugust 7, DAY FORTY-NINE: King Bredesen.

August 6, DAY FORTY-EIGHT: Governor Bredesen Ignores the Voices of People with Disabilities.

August 5, DAY FORTY-SEVEN: ADAPT Confronts HHS Secretary Leavitt.

August 4, DAY FORTY-SIX: The Numbers.

August 3, DAY FORTY-FIVE: What is community life like in states with alternatives to nursing homes?

August 2, DAY FORTY-FOUR: Bredespin.

August 1, DAY FORTY-THREE: Bredesen Healthcare Mistake.


Week Six

Week Six

Activists blocked from the governor's office by state police. Photo by the Nashville Peace and Justice Center.July 31, DAY FORTY-TWO: Bredesenís Legacy: Tennessee Governor is a Joke.

July 30, DAY FORTY-ONE: Tennessee Needs Money Follows the Person.

July 29, DAY FORTY: The Bell Tolls in Federal Court.

July 28, DAY THIRTY-NINE: The Bell Tolls.

July 27, DAY THIRTY-EIGHT: Bredesen passes pork to friends.

July 26, DAY THIRTY-SEVEN: Photos from the Nashville Peace and Justice Center.

July 25, DAY THIRTY-SIX: Call for a Special TennCare Legislative Session.


Week Five

Week Five

Don DeVaul. Photo by Al LevensonJuly 24, DAY THIRTY-FIVE: Photos from Al Levenson.

July 23, DAY THIRTY-FOUR: Six lies of Governor Bredesen, Part Two.

July 22, DAY THIRTY-THREE: Six lies of Governor Bredesen, Part One.

July 21, DAY THIRTY-TWO: Turning Up The Heat.

July 21: Tennessee ADAPT Press Release.

July 20, DAY THIRTY-ONE: Exclusive Photos, Sit-in at one month.

July 19, DAY THIRTY: Bredesen Plan Bloated With Institutional Inefficiency.

July 18, DAY TWENTY-NINE: "Shame on Bredesen."


Week Four

Week Four

Phil BredesenJuly 17, DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: Bredesenís Plan Costly to Tennessee.

July 16, DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: Protest Expands with Bredesenís Dishonesty.

July 15, DAY TWENTY-SIX: Bredesenís Pledge to Vent Users is Hollow.

July 14, DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Bredesen Meets One Demand.

July 13, DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Demonstration at Tennessee Governor's Office Reaches for a Record.

July 12, DAY TWENTY-THREE: No Food or Water.

July 11, DAY TWENTY-TWO: TennCare Enrollees Unfaltering Going Into Week Four.


Week Three

Week Three

Glen BarnhillJuly 10, DAY TWENTY-ONE: Long Sunday Steadfastness of the Sit-in.

July 9, DAY TWENTY: Governorís Office Occupation Going Strong Starting Weekend Three.

July 8, DAY NINETEEN: Bredesenís Drug Cap Violates the ADA.

July 7, DAY EIGHTEEN: Bredesen Attempts To Reduce TennCare Quality And Coverage.

July 6, DAY SEVENTEEN: People with HIV and AIDS Join the Protest.

July 5, DAY SIXTEEN: Overview of the Sit-in.

July 4, DAY FIFTEEN: An Authentic American Demonstration.


Week Two

Week Two

Randy Alexander speaks with Phil BredesenJuly 3, DAY FOURTEEN: Bredesen lacks commitment.

July 2, DAY THIRTEEN: Bredesen ignores real savings with TennCare.

July 1, DAY TWELVE: Holiday Weekend Occupation Pushed Out In The Hall.

June 30, DAY ELEVEN: Bredesenís Plan Fails at Most of The Publicized Savings.

June 29, DAY TEN: Bredesen refuses transparency.

June 28, DAY NINE: Medical Professionals back demonstrators.

June 27, DAY EIGHT: National Civil Rights Organization Gives Support.


Week One

Week One

Activists take-over Bredesen's Office June 20, 2005. Photo by Al Levison.June 26, DAY SEVEN: ďWe are dedicated.Ē

June 25, DAY SIX: Sit-in continues over the weekend.

June 24, DAY FIVE: The Occupation Grows.

June 23, DAY FOUR: Exclusive Photos.

June 22, DAY THREE: Bredesen refuses to meet publicly.

June 21, DAY TWO: Bredesen fails to meet demands.

June 20, DAY ONE: Activists spend the night in Bredesen's office.

What did Governor Bredesen Say? - Read and respond.




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