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The Memphis Center For Independent Living is a community based non-profit organization whose primary mission is to facilitate the full integration of persons with disabilities into all aspects of community life.

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MCIL is dedicated to assisting all Americans to live independently. To help achieve our mission we support the national efforts of ADAPT, Not Dead Yet! and the local initiative of the Barrier Free Memphis Society.

ADAPT - Not Dead Yet! - BFMS

News Releases of MCIL

MCIL News Release
is an archive of news items of ADAPT, The Barrier Free Memphis Society, PALs, The Memphis Center for Independent Living and Not Dead Yet that are of interest to people in the Memphis area. The archive is arranged from the most recent back to October of 1996.

Weekly journal of MCIL

MCIL Journal
is a weekly synopsis of issues and events relevant to people with disabilities in the Memphis area. This collection of candid articles and material is full of resource information on the many concerns of MCIL. The most recent entry is followed by an index of past journals.

The Declaration!  The newsletter of MCIL

The Declaration!
is the newsletter of the Memphis Center for Independent Living. We have listed on our website all the newsletters since the summer of 1996. The popular section, "On the Network," which lists things to buy or sell that are of interest to people with disabilities, is kept up to date on the internet. The Declaration! is printed quarterly and is available in alternate format, either tape or disk, with all the news of MCIL events and issues of the various grass-roots organizations in contact with the center.

The Center for Independent Living also must react to the ignorance and stereotypes about people with disabilities that still exist in our community. We have saved our responses and hope they will help you answering similar issues that people with disabilities encounter daily.

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What does a Center for Independent Living do?



PHOTO: MCIL advocate with a Piss on Pity t-shirt and a Dump Jerry sign

Independent Living for youth and young adults.
The PALs programs I, II, III, for children and youth.

Pat Jessup is the Coordinator of PALs.

The PALs logo, a drawing of two people in wheelchairs and labled Partners Accessing Life, a program of MCIL


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